What is a TPPP?

A third-party payment processor (TPPP) is a merchant services provider that provides payment-processing services to merchants and other businesses.

What does a third party payment provider do?

A third-party payment processor lets you provide more payment methods to your customers and helps you receive payments without first setting up your own merchant account with a bank. helps you receive various forms of payments, including online payments, from your customers while bypassing the need to own a merchant account with a bank.

Why would I need a TPPP I can set up payment processing myself?

Before you can truly decide if a third-party payment processing company is right for you, it helps to know exactly what they are.
You might wonder how does payment processing work? What is the price of payment processing? Will the transaction fee structure cost a large percentage or is it a flat rate? What about monthly fees? If I do not have a large tunover how can I compete with larger companies. Can I accept Master Card, Visa and Diners Club transactions? What about Scan to Pay, Tap to Pay, Master Pass, Snapscan or Zapper? Did I forget American Express? What about Virtual Credit Cards.
Its very easy to get drowned in a sea of rapidly changing payment technology terms. As a business owner, you do not need to be a finacial expert on trends in technology, in order to seamlessly run your business because a third-party payment processor makes it as simple as possible for you to run your business by enabling you to accept as many payments from both traditional and online sources as possible.
You do the WHAT, we do the HOW?