Who We Are



Who we are

Merchant Craft is operated by Plankton, Africa's original cashless eventing pioneer. We have 9+years experience leading this ground breaking market. Our systems are fully battle-tested, rolling and ready to scale.

Our Affiliates

Merchant Craft is affiliated to a group of tactical businesses called collectively, the Metcalfe Group which operates in the financial technology industry.

Plankton Ticketing

For a community, ticketing represents one of the first touch points with a membership base. Plankton has developed one of the most versatile (and cost effective) solutions in the ticketing industry.

What We Do

Event Cashless solutions

Removes all cash risk from an event
Takes full control of the event turnover
Managed admin, recons and pay-outs
Provides full event trading reports and financial intelligence
Increases merchant income
Eliminates connectivity issues
Speeds up food and beverage queues leading to increased turnover
Opens up new conversations with  financial institutions

You do your event, we do the admin

Merchant Craft will handle admin (or work with existing team)
Sign up merchants
Issue devices at event
Train vendors
Maintain, support and batch devices
Provide financial reconciliation and settlement as per your vendor contracting terms

Merchant Services - Semi Permanent

Need a card acceptance device for a busy weekend?
We do Expo rentals with no long term contract restrictions
No minimum turnover requirements
Nett settlement of funds
Get up and running in next to no time
We offer QR code payment system aggregation as a bonus

Why Cashless EVENTS?

Merchant Craft brings professional cashless merchant services to the event market.
 The Merchant Craft event cashless system, powered by Plankton, provides a safe and manageable event currency solution.
By centralising your festival finances, you can now have full financial control of your event,
along with the added benefit of no cash on site, fraud risk reduction and
the financial intelligence you require to plan better in the future.



I want to know what my total event turnover is. This allows me to plan better with traders and partners.


I want to increase my vending income by charging based on a percentage of turnover.


I have heard cashless systems can offer speed of light transactions and I don't want queues in my bar or food court


Safety, I want no cash risk! for myself or for any of my traders or bar operators. I want peace of mind trade


I want full stock control in my bar / over my entire event vending operation in order to minimise theft and aid reconciliation


I want full financial reporting across my entire event to ensure transparent trade figures

Cashless Systems

Two cashless systems, or loops exist, namely open loop and closed loop cashless systems.

Open Banking Loop


What is an Open Banking Loop?

  • In short an open loop is simply convenient
  • Transact using any banking card in your wallet
  • No loading of funds onto an event card
  • No post event funds reimbursement
  • Focus on tap n go cards
  • BUT cellular signal is required with mitigation
  •       3 transaction before dial

          -Below R500 no dial

          -Dual sims

          -Prioritized networks access etc

    Closed Banking Loop


    What is a Closed Banking Loop?

  • Funds are loaded onto an event card at a loading station / bank
  • Pre-loaded cards are sold via roving tellers
  • Speed of light transactions - especially for large bar operations
  • No cellular signal required
  • Full stock control - only within closed loop
  • BUT Post event value out via SMS and ATM required



    What is a Hybrid Loop?

    For extra convenience to patrons and event owners, a third system called a Hybrid loop banking system can be deployed.
    Merchant Craft combines the open and closed loop systems into a combination of both to form this hybrid loop solution.

    In a Hybrid loop the event patron will have the choice to transact using any banking card in their wallet (open loop system) or load their funds onto an NFC event card at any one of the festival loading stations and transact using the event NFC cashless card (closed loop system).

    Value Out/FAQ

    Frequently asked questions following a closed loop Cashless event environment:

  • How do I get my unused value from my card?
  • SMS your card number (10 digits on the card) to 43553.
    Balances will be available for value-out 5 business days after the end of the show.
    The card number is linked to your cellphone number and you will receive a value-out sms with a pin.
    Take this pin to a Standard Bank ATM, select Cardless transactions and follow the instructions to receive your cash.


  • Why must I wait for my value-out?
  • We endeavour to initiate the value out process as fast as possible after a cashless event.
    However all balances from the full event duration need to be calculated before the value-out process can commence.
    Merchant Craft does not get any interest on these funds while the reconciliation is underway.


  • I attended the cashless event two weeks ago and sent a sms, I never received a reply sms.
  • Did you send multiple card numbers in one SMS or straight after the other? / Do you have a cell phone contract or are you Pay-as-you-go user?
    Did you send your sms over a weekend period? Sometimes service providers do not process what they see as "promotional" SMS's over weekends.
    SMS bundle packages do not apply.
    Please re- send the SMS or email info@merchantcraft.co.za with your 10-digit cashless card number, the cellphone number used to send the SMS and the Event you attended so that we can assist you further.


  • Why must I go to a Standard Bank ATM and not an ABSA ATM to cash out my value out pin?
  • Merchant Craft currently initiates the value out process through Beyond Payment a (Standard Bank partner).
    Currently this is the most cost effective Bulk Issuing of value out and is more convenient and quicker.
    This enables a patron to go to an ATM to withdraw their value.


  • Why do I have to pay R12 for my card?
  • The physical card costs this much to manufacture.


  • I received my value-out sms but the card number on the sms does not match my card number?
  • You would have received an 18-digit voucher number (e.g. 11-1402-4525-2432-1924).
    It is very similar to a pre-paid electricity voucher.
    This code is not the same as your card number but represents the value you are allowed to withdraw at the bank.


  • The ATM says it does not have sufficient funds to pay me out? What now?
  • Please visit another ATM as the bank may not have stocked the correct cash for the cashless options.
    Please remember that an ATM can only pay out in multiples of R10.
    This is unfortunately a Standard Bank policy and we are unable to assist with the physical withdrawal of funds.


  • Where is my pin? I received the voucher but not the Pin sms?
  • Please provide us with your cellphone number and we can then resend your PIN number to you via the value-out system.
    Email info@merchantcraft.co.za


  • I accidentally deleted my sms with my voucher/pin number

    Please provide us with your cellphone number and we can then resend your PIN number or voucher number to you via the value-out system.
    Email info@merchantcraft.co.za


  • How do I know what my voucher number is?
  • Please see screen shots (below) of the sms's you will receive when we have loaded your balance pay-out.
    The voucher is an 18-digit number which gets repeated in both sms messages.
    The PIN is the 4-digit number that is sent in the last sms.


    SMS 1

    Placeholder image

    SMS 2

    Placeholder image

    Terms of Service

    Cashless event environment: How it works

    A cashless environment makes use of a cashless/contactless event card to encourage personal and general safety of event attendees. Please take note of the following:

    1. Load your card: To purchase any product at a cashless event you have to load value on a cashless/contactless event card. You may load your card with cash, debit or credit card at the event loading station. The card is now ready to be used at all the event vendors.
    2. Stay Safe: Your cashless/contactless card is like cash. Keep it safe at all times. Keep it in hand during all transactions. No value-out or transactions can be processed if you lose your card or card number. If you lose your card you will lose all value stored on this card and you will have to buy another card.
    3. Cashless: You cannot withdraw cash from the cashless/contactless card, but should use it at event vendors for purchases. No cash transactions will be processed at the event. Please refer to festival terms and conditions for any card value-out policies.
    4. Cost of Card: The cashless/contactless event card usually costs R12. This is a direct hard cost for the physical card.
    5. Redeeming of Balance: In order to redeem any unused funds on your cashless/contactless card, SMS your card number (on the back of your card) to 43553 for value out options.
    6. Value out fees are applicable. In order to claim unused funds from the card, post event, value out fees are applicable. These fees will vary depending on the banking institution used to perform the ATM cash out. The average fee will be R16 including ATM fees.
    7. Value remaining on cards will be forfeited if unclaimed after one month post event.

    Cashless event environment: Terms and Conditions of Use

    By using the cashless environment at an event or by using the cashless / contactless card at an event, you agree that you will not use the cashless / contactless card in contravention of any applicable laws, regulations and/or these Terms. This cashless / contactless card can only be used in the Republic of South Africa. These Terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa. If any clause in these Terms is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity, legality or enforceability of the remaining clauses of these Terms. If any of these terms or rights are not exercised or enforced, it will not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.


    These Terms and conditions may, at any time, be updated without giving notice thereof. Your continued use of the cashless / contactless card will be deemed an acceptance of the Terms.

    Use of the Card

    When your cashless/contactless card is used, each transaction will be processed against money/funds available on the card. You will be able to use your cashless / contactless card until there is no money/funds left on the Card.

    Lost or stolen cards

    Your cashless / contactless card is like cash. You must keep your cashless / contactless card safe. It is the same as having cash in your pocket.

    You are responsible for keeping your Card safe and looking after your Card

    If you lose your Card or if it is stolen or copied and somebody else uses it, or it is damaged in any way, you will lose all your money on your Card. We will not be responsible for any losses you suffer. If you lose it, you will lose the funds available on the cashless / contactless card. Merchant Craft and Plankton.mobi will not be responsible for any loss you may suffer.

    Making a purchase with your Card

    You can use your cashless / contactless card to buy products or services from any merchant at the cashless event that accepts the card. Once you have bought something using your cashless / contactless card, you cannot stop payment of the transaction. You will not be able to get a refund for any purchase you have made using your cashless / contactless card.

    Balance enquiries

    You are responsible for keeping track of the transactions on your cashless / contactless card to ensure that you do not exceed your Card balance. You will be able to check your card balance at any participating vendor device or at the festival loading station.

    Transaction disputes

    If you have any disputes with respect to any transaction made using the cashless / contactless card, you must contact the Merchant with which you entered into the Transaction.

    No warranties

    No warranties, purchase protection, insurance, other promises or services are provided. Merchant Craft and Plankton.mobi is not responsible for any loss arising from any failure, malfunction of electronic facilities or delay in point-of-sale device or our supporting or shared networks, where applicable, resulting from circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

    Fees and interest

    You will be charged R12 for the physical cashless / contactless card. You will not be charged any fees in respect of any purchases made using your Card. In order to claim unused funds from the card, post event, value out fees are applicable. These fees will vary depending on the banking institution used to perform the ATM cash out. The average fee will be R16 including ATM fees. You will not be paid interest on any balance on the Card. Funds do not accrue interest in any of the holding accounts used.

    Intellectual property

    All intellectual property rights in connection with the cashless / contactless card belong to Merchant Craft and Plankton.mobi and/or our licensors. You do not have any intellectual property rights in the cashless / contactless card, or in any improvements or variations that may be made to them.


    You hereby agree to indemnify and hold Merchant Craft and Plankton.mobi and its affiliates, and each of Merchant Craft and Plankton.mobi and its affiliates' respective officers, agents, employees, contractors and principals, harmless from any loss, liability, claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the event cashless system including also your use of the event cashless system.

    How to contact us

    If you have any queries or complaints about the cashless / contactless card or service you may call our call centre at +27 (64) 5148911 or info@merchantcraft.co.za. If you have any questions about a product or service you must call the Merchant directly.


    Contact Info

    Merchant Craft
    Call Centre: + 27 (64) 514 8911
    Email: info@merchantcraft.co.za


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